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Thai Driving License

How to get your Thai License:

Where: Provincial Land Transportation Office, Nonthaburi.

28/8, Moo 8, Tiwanon Road, Nonthaburi, 11000

Map: Provincial Land and Transport Office

To drive in Thailand, you will need a Thai Driving License. An International Licence is only accepted for 3 months after you move to Thailand. There is a bit of paperwork required but its otherwise a fairly simple procedure.


Embassy certified translation of your Driving License, or a valid International Driving License (no older than 30 days).

Embassy certified residential address in Thailand (no older than 30 days).

Work permit and /or Immigrant Visa

Doctors Medical Certificate (drop in to Nichada Family Clinic for instance)


Driving License

Copies of all above documents (copy station available on site)

Bring all documents to book a time for a video presentation also called ‘training’. If you are lucky you may get a time on the same day, if not for the next. Training sessions (as of 23/7/2017) are at 9-10am, 10-11am, 11am-12pm & 1-2pm. The Driving license section is in Building 2, to the left of the main building. At the information desk, hand in your documents (photo copy station available outside if needs be), they will book a training time for you. Remember, to specifically ask for BOTH Motorbike and Car licenses if that is what you require. They are separate, but can be processed simultaneously. After training you will do some quick reaction tests, then pay your fees (510/- for Bike and Car (23/7/2017), have your photo taken and wait for your license. I found the procedure in the Land Transportation Office to be very quick. I was in and out in 1,5 hrs.

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