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New Venues for Restaurants and Businesses!

You may have noticed that many of the shops and restaurants outside the main gate have closed down. Well fear not! Most of them have merely relocated to venues nearby.

🔸The Slidershack has moved to the Oasis Mall, next to McDonalds. Now Open Monday to Sunday!


🔸Sayan Vet Clinic has moved just a little further down the road, past Indian Darbar. Tel; 02 960 4168

Sayan Vet Clinic

🔸The Pharmacy has moved about 200m down, just before Indian Darbar.


🔸The New York Diner and Tapica have moved just to the right of the 20B shop, where Prasert Islam turns to the right. NYD tel: 081 624 2099. Opening soon!

New York Diner and Tapica

🔸A new cafe/restaurant, Flip, has opened just opposite the toyshop and 7 Eleven.

Flip cafe

❌Subway has closed down.

Subway has closed

❌2B Cafe and Bar has closed down. 🔸In its place a Beef Vendor appears to be opening its doors.

2B Cafe and Bar has closed.

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