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Medical Emergencies in the Community

Medical Emergencies occur when we least expect it. We all need to know how we can get help in the case of an emergency.

Please put the numbers below into your mobile phone so you have them should you ever need them.

Nichada Thani:

World Medical Centre (Ambulance)               02 836 9977

Mongkut Wattana General Hospital               02 574 1000

Nonthavej Hospital                                          02 596 7888

The Bumrungrad Nichada Clinic does NOT offer an emergency service. There is no ambulance available from there and the doctor will not attend emergencies in the community. They do not have any imaging on site and can only treat minor injuries. The number for the clinic is 02 960 4216 and they are open Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm. They are closed on Sundays and public holidays.


Emergency or accident call ext 1111 or 0819448255 from a mobile phone

Non-emergency call ext 1144 or 0819448255 from a mobile phone


If you live downtown or are visiting the downtown area it is worth knowing where the nearest hospital is to call for help. Some hospitals in the downtown area are:

Bangkok Hospital                                          02 310 3000    (New Petchaburi Rd)

Bumrungrad Hospital (Ambulance)            02 011 5222    (Sukhumvit 3)

Phayathai 1 Hospital                                     02 640 1111    (Victory Monument)

Phayathai 2 Hospital                                     02 617 2400    (Victory Monument)

Samitivej Hospital (Ambulance)                  02 711 8389    (Sukhumvit 49)

In Bangkok you can also call 191 (general emergencies and ask for ambulance) or 1669 (for an ambulance). The ambulance will transfer you to a local hospital and there may be little to no english spoken by the staff.

When there is a medical emergency please remain calm. Assign one person to call for help and speak slowly to the nurse/operator to get help. Tell them the nature of the injury and the location of the victim. If you are an english speaker remember that you will be talking to someone who is not a native english speaker and speaking to them quickly or in a panic may cause confusion. One of the most important things is to keep yourself and the patient calm. Getting panicked will only cause a rise in blood pressure in the patient and potentially make the injury/illness worse.

Allow time for the help to arrive. Do not call every 1-2 minutes to see why help has not arrived….it will just slow down the process and people will be answering the phone not getting to you.

Living in Bangkok it can be hard to access medical care quickly. It may be worth doing basic first aid training and keeping a first aid kit in your car so you can help stabilize the patients whilst waiting for help to arrive. A CPR and First Aid course for children is offered by Samitivej Hospital. First Aid Bangkok also provides general CPR and First Aid training.

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