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Who is NNR?

Nonthaburi Neighborhood Reach (NNR) is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the Nonthaburi community and supporting local charities.

The NNR began as a support network for local expats in our international community. As such, we host monthly coffee mornings, an annual charity bazaar and organize monthly tours. Those living in Nichada and the Nonthaburi area are automatically members. There are no membership dues. All members of the Nonthaburi community are encouraged to attend NNR social events and charity functions.

As a service to our community we aim to provide useful info on Facilities and Services in and around our neighbourhood. 

We also publish a free monthly magazine, Thani Talk.

How to Reach Us:

Chairperson: Henrietta, NNRThaichair@gmail.com
NNR Charity & Volunteer Coordinators: Mare & Cyndy, NNRCharity@gmail.com
NNR Bazaar: Sally, NNRBazaar@gmail.com
Advertising: Ginny, NNRAdverts@gmail.com
NNR Tours: Susanne & Pascale, NNRTour@gmail.com
Thani Talk: Liz, NNRNews@gmail.com
NNR Socials: Chantal, NNRSocials@gmail.com
Communications: Kiki, NNRCommunications@gmail.com