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Welcome to Nichada! Whether you’re new to what we affectionately call “the bubble” or prepping to move here or just checking it out, we’re happy you’re here. There’s a lot the area has to offer and since it can be a bit tricky to figure out, especially at first, we hope we can offer a few shortcuts.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Nichada is that it’s a gated community. There are 3 gates. There are amenities both inside and outside the gates, including International School of Bangkok and other schools, restaurantssalons, grocery stores, massage shops and masseuses who’ll come to your home, cafes and a centrally-located Starbucks… SO many ways to get what you need and most anything you could want.

When you’re ready to meet people, there are tons of ways to do it. NNR and After The Boxes are good places to start. More events, activities and updates are published regularly in the Thani Talk newsletter published by NNR.

There are many Facebook groups to help you connect to your new neighbors! One just for Newbies, one for all of Nichada’s expats, one for the greater Samakee area, many individual groups for the neighborhoods within Nichada, one just for travel and one for yard sales.

Recreation and fitness? In addition to the bike lanes and sidewalks that run through Nichada, there are multiple gym and fitness group options.

Setting up house? You may want tips on golf carts or on hiring help or getting to the mall.

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