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US Passport Renewal Tips

Recently I had to renew my U.S. passport, not a task anyone looks forward to. However, I got through the process relatively unscathed and wanted to share some tips with you that will help if you also find yourself needing a new passport. 

1.  Passport renewal must be done in person at the U.S. Embassy (95 Wireless Road, Bangkok).

2.  An appointment is required. Appointments can be booked at: https://th.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/acsappointment/.

3.  Passport photos can be taken at Print One, located on the 7th floor of Central Chaengwattana Mall, across from the movie theater. Passport photo rules are strict (i.e. no glasses, no earrings, no hats, ears and eyebrows must be visible, etc.) Photos must have been taken within six months before passport renewal.

4.  There’s no parking available at the U.S. Embassy. Some people park at the nearby GPF Witthayu Towers (93/1 Wireless Rd), right next to the embassy. If possible, arrange drop-offs and pickups by car or taxi.

5.  All electronic devices (including telephones), headphones, drinks, and large bags must be checked in at the door. Keep this in mind because you will be asked to fill out a return envelope (100 baht) for your new passport and, if you are as ridiculous as me, you may realize AFTER you’ve waited in line that you have no idea what your zip code is off the top of your head. If this happens and you have to go retrieve the information from your phone, you will have to begin the entire process ALL OVER. Ugh!

6.  Your current passport will be cancelled immediately (so plan your travels accordingly), and your new passport will be mailed to your home in about two weeks.

7.  Adult passport renewal fee is USD$110. Cash (USD or THB) or credit cards are accepted.

Laurie Burin

originally shared in April 2019 Thani Talk

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