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Secret Garden

Once a month from September through June Nichada Thani hosts a “Secret Garden” event. Attendance is free for most of the events but you’ll want some baht in hand for food, games and any shopping.

Food and drink vendors supply a variety of western and Asian items that are available for purchase with food and beverage tickets. Beverages always include water and can include fruit smoothies, cocktails, beer and wine. Edibles range from beef burgers to fried rice, mango and sticky rice to sausages – every month the vendor options are a little different.

Tables and chairs serve as gathering spots as the sun sets. Guests enjoy live music from the Secret Garden stage. Bounce castles, game booths, craftspeople and vendors entertain anyone who wants to stroll through to see what’s available. 

As you approach Secret Garden you’ll see that golf cart parking lines the streets in the area and guards help keep traffic moving smoothly.

Most months have a theme and the dates of the event and theme info are usually announced by Nichada Thani both on their Facebook page and on signs throughout the neighborhood in the weeks leading up to the event.

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