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Muse Pass

The “Muse Pass”, now in its 5th Season, is a museum ticket for entrance into 56 various museums in Bangkok and surrounding areas.  The “Muse Pass” program costs 199 baht making it an affordable way to visit local museums for both Thais and foreigners. Currently, each Muse Pass ticket gives you access to 56 participating museums and “knowledge centers” centers in the Bangkok area.  You can get the Muse Pass ticket book at any participating locations. For the most up to date list, see the official website or page on Facebook.

Basic info:

  • Price 199 baht per pass (one person)
  • Valid for one year from date of purchase
  • From now until 30 September 2017.


– Free admission to 56 learning centers and museums.
– Get discount coupons redeemable at participating stores.

Where to buy Muse Pass 2017?

At any participating museum!


– Present your Muse Pass at the entrance.
– One Pass per person, per visit.
– Check details, rules and conditions in each place prior to your visit.
– Expired Pass is non-refundable and non-exchangeable
– Muse Pass is Valid for one year from the date of purchase
– Museum Siam reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the pass at any times without prior notice.

Here’s a partial list as of 4/2017

1. Museum Siam
2. King Prajadhipak Museum
3. Rattanakosin Resource Center
4. Queen’s Gallery
5. Police Museum
6. Siriraj Museum
7. Whittayaram Museum
8. Stamp Museum
9. Bangkok Folk Museum
10. Bann Mawaan
11. Air Force Museum and Thai National Aviation
12. 3D Art Museum, Art in paradise – Bangkok
13. Museum  Learn investing
14. Toony Toy Thailand
15. Baleat Museum
16. SACICT Gallery
17. Sukasorn Museum
18. Bangkok Sculpture Center
19. Local Heritage Center
20. Thai Film Museum. Nakhon Pathom
21. Tanland Real Zoo

and MORE!

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