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How NNR Supports Local Charities

The NNR has been proud to be a supporter of local charities within the Nonthaburi area and, over the years, have worked hard to build strong and productive relationships with all the charities we are involved with.  Over the last year and looking forward, the NNR has taken a “three prong” approach to supporting our charities including:  Funding Allocations, Outreach/Volunteers, and In Kind Donations.

Funding Allocations

Each year the NNR has three funding allocation cycles and in anticipation of these funding cycles, the NNR Charity Coordinators meet and work with the charities on an on-going basis to complete a comprehensive “wish lists”.  The purpose of the “wish lists’ are to outline what the charities anticipate needing in the upcoming year.  This information will help the NNR Charity Coordinators to make informed recommendations to the NNR Board on how the funding raised will be best allocated amongst the charities.

Examples of how funding is used include:  covering student tuition, physiotherapy equipment, home improvements, purchase of equipment (sewing machines, fridges, household goods), purchasing school uniforms, etc.  We also retain an “emergency” fund in case of unforeseen expenses.  As an example, last year one of the homes had a water pipe burst and they needed an immediate repair, so the NNR provided the funding to fix this problem.

Most of the funds for the NNR are raised from the NNR Bazaar, however, occasionally the NNR receives donations from individuals.  As an example, last June, the NNR was so thankful to receive 55,000B from John Olson and his family.  John was moving back to the US and before leaving he generously donated the proceeds of the sale of his household goods to the NNR.  As a result of the Olson’s generosity, Thanksgiving Home was able to do much needed renovations to a recently acquired home that will be their Developmental Learning Centre for the Disabled.  The goal for the NNR Charity Coordinators for this upcoming year will be to continue with on-going visits to all the charities and to maximize the NNR funding to meet the Charities most urgent priorities and needs.


A main goal for the NNR this year is to increase the volunteer presence at the supported charities. Time and time again, the charities have told the NNR that they really appreciate the funds and goods that the NNR is able to provide but that they would love to have more volunteers.  The NNR has also heard from Nichada residents that they want to volunteer but don’t know where to start.  So, this year the NNR Charity Coordinators will continue liaise with Nichada residents who are interested in volunteering and to match them to charities that are of interest.  A few examples of current volunteer opportunities include:

  • assisting with lunch/fruit service at the Home for the Destitute (Thursdays from 10:00 – 12:00)
  • visiting and playing with detained Cambodian children at the Home for the Destitute (Thursdays from 10:00 – 12:00)
  • assisting with library services at Bumble Bee Free Library (various times)
  • teaching English classes (kids and adults) at Bumble Bee Free Library (Sunday mornings)
  • visiting and caring for babies and toddlers at Pakkred Home for Babies (various times)
  • assisting SaiLom Project as a “buddy” for physically and/or intellectually disabled boys and young men on a monthly outing (Last Saturday of every month 9:00 – 2:00)
  • assisting I-Care with monthly “Activity Days” at Baan Poomwaet Boy’s home (last Sunday of every month 10:00 – 12:00)

There are so many other volunteer opportunities that NNR Charity Coordinators want to explore for this upcoming year and it would be great to increase the number of volunteers assisting our charities.  With that in mind, anyone interested in volunteer opportunities are encouraged to contact nnrcharity@gmail.com.

NNR Charity Coordinators have also reached out to many of the community groups and organizations to see where partnerships can be developed with them to further support and assist our charities.  The NNR is excited to work more closely with ISB’s CAS coordinator Becky Hansberry, and Elizabeth Rossini from the Leadership Development Center, to see where we can link up ISB students and teachers with volunteer and service project opportunities.  The NNR will also continue to work with the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and other community groups to see where we can match them up with one of our charities.

An example of a wonderful initiative that the Girl Scouts had last year was to put together much needed personal hygiene kits for the kids at Home for Hope.  This year the Boy Scouts are going to run a Children’s Day event at the Nichada Worker’s Camp. Another goal for the NNR is to increase these valuable and rewarding partnerships between the charities and community groups/organizations.

In Kind Donations

The third and final “prong” that the NNR wants to focus on is in kind donations.  This past spring, NNR Charity Coordinators put out a call to Nichada residents asking that if they had any household goods, clothing, furniture, toys, etc. that they did not need, to consider donating them to the NNR.  The response was overwhelming with an estimated value of donated goods from April to September being more than 675,000B.  As a result of the donations received, the charities now have beds, tables/chairs, bikes, toys, clothes, shoes, computers, printers and many other household goods.  Any items we were not able to match to a charity were donated to the White Elephant.

The White Elephant is a volunteer run thrift store (located in the Oasis shopping plaza) that sells donated goods and uses all the profits to support charities around Nonthaburi and beyond.  A goal for the upcoming year is to continue the collection and distribution of in kind donations.

Questions or Ideas?

It is so impressive that through the generosity and kindness of the Nichada and area community, we can have a huge impact on the deserving charities that NNR supports.  Please feel free to contact the NNR Charity Coordinators at nnrcharity@gmail.com if you would like to discuss volunteer opportunities or if you have any questions.

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