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Boonma Pet Movers

Bangkok agent for World Care Pet

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“We shipped our 4 year old black lab (75 lbs) from DC to Bangkok. She was too big to ship as checked baggage so we enlisted the help of a pet shipping company out of DC. They have them all over the US. It was a bit expensive, but worth every penny, as the got her here (literally to our doorstep!) safe and sound. They made sure all the medical records were in order, picked her up from us, and stayed with her until she was checked on board the plane. They arranged for her to have a nice long (14 hours) layover in Frankfurt because apparently Lufthansa owns/operates a huge dog park at the airport there. She was able to play, run around, was fed, and they bathed her in Frankfurt. She was then boarded on a flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok. They also hired a company here in Bangkok (Boonma) to receive her off the plane and expedite her through customs. They then drove her in a special, A/C equipped van straight to our house in Nichada. We were able to track her progress online and they sent us email updates with pictures throughout the trip! I highly recommend doing it this way if you have a bigger dog.

Life for my dog in Nichada has been great! She has adapted well in her nearly two years of being a jungle dog! ?”

Updated Feb 27 2018

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