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Bike Shop and Repairs

Aim Bike

Lots of imported bikes and gear. Map Website

Tel: 02-984-0427


Repairs, sales, accessories, 16/212 Samakee Road, outside the front gate, make a right onto Samakee Rd., shop on the right, past PIM’s frame shop.  Map  Tel: 02 952 4242

No Shop Name

Bike repairs, outside the front gate, make a right but go straight onto the grass, ‘off-road’ instead of following the curve in the road, before Sayan Vet Clinic, there is a man that fixes bikes. Next to real estate office. No sign, just an open garage full of bicycles and repair gear. If you don’t see a garage full of gear, it’s closed! Map

Nuts Bike Shop

Shop will pick up your bike, service it, and bring it back relatively quickly.  Map  Facebook

Tel:  02-9500882 , 092-6508800

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