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Baker Mart

Baking supplies of all sorts. High-end equipment, baking pans, sheets, molds; local and imported chocolate, fillings and decorations; cheese, prepared pastry shells and bulk ready-to-serve desserts. Open daily, 7 am to 9 pm. There’s a cafe next door that serves coffee, pastries, lunch options.


Located in front of Makro, near Nichada’s Expressway gate.

“Well priced bulk frozen items (butter, pre-cut pastry & mini pastry shells, frozen fruit for smoothies or coulis etc……) Also French or Belgian baking chocolate, as well as a fair few novelty items such as chia, quinoa or flaxseed flours & lots of various gluten, nut and dairy free ready mixes. A much larger selection of flavourings and colourings than on our local shelves too. Definitely worth a side visit if you are in Makro or bake in large quantities.”

Baker Mart Storefront
Imported refrigerated chocolate
Pasteurized Egg Whites
Pizza dough

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