Pakkred Babies Home

Pakkred Home for Babies is a government residential facility for orphaned and abandoned babies and young children.

Volunteer Opportunity

WHAT: Visiting the home and assisting with the care of the babies and children

WHEN: Various days/times – The current Nichada volunteers have been going on Thursdays, but volunteers can visit as often as they


WHERE: The residential facility is located approximately 10 minutes drive from Nichada.

VOLUNTEER RESPONSIBILITIES: As this is a government run facility, volunteers will need to be pre-approved before they are able to volunteer. Current volunteers will assist with the process of getting approval. Volunteers will work one on one with a baby or young child and will care for and provide much needed attention to the child for the duration of the visit. Volunteers are welcome to visit the Babies home as often as they like. There are also opportunities for volunteers to bring their older children along on the visits.

Please feel free to contact the NNR Charity Coordinators at if you would like to discuss volunteer opportunities or if you have any questions.

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