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The 1 Step, 2 Step program works in partnership with Ban Feung Fa, a local government residential facility for boys and girls with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. The program organizes outings/excursions as well as visits the facility to play and interact with the children.o play and interact with the children.


WHAT: Assisting with outings/excursions, an example of an outing is the Disney on Ice show (These outings are a special treat for the residents as they rarely have the opportunity to leave the facility. 1 Step, 2 Step can only take as many residents as they have volunteers to ensure that the outing is both safe and fun for the residents.)

Assist 1 Step, 2 Step volunteer with visits to the facility

WHEN: Once a month for outings/excursions. Various times for visits.

WHERE: The monthly outings take place in the Bangkok area. The residential facility is located approximately 10 minutes drive from Nichada.

VOLUNTEER RESPONSIBILITIES: For the outings/excursions each volunteer will be paired with a resident for the day to provide whatever assistance is needed. Examples would be pushing their partner’s wheelchair, assisting them with meals or snacks, etc. For the home visit, volunteers provide whatever support 1 Step, 2 Step requires.

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  1. Hello! My son is a third year ISB student. We hope to do some volunteer work as we can. Thank you very much!

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